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Maggie's Story

Maggie had been to Moriah House before. But it was only a six-week visit because she “didn’t have the right heart” to make some big changes in her life.

You see, Maggie has been using drugs since she was in her teens. And as much as her mother loved her, Maggie says, “She had had enough. Mom told me I couldn’t come back home…I was going to be homeless.”

Then Maggie remembered Moriah House. She got in touch with us and before she knew it, she was here. “It was a God thing for sure,” she says. “And once I got here, I quickly realized that I had some pretty big issues with drugs.”

But that realization didn’t keep Maggie from trying to “bend” the rules. “I came very close to being kicked out because I couldn’t quit smoking or taking pills.” It was then that Maggie realized that this was a life or death situation – for her and her children.

For Maggie, it was “a real blessing” to be able to bring her children here and not be separated from them. “Before I knew that I would be able to come here, I was thinking of going to Florida because that was the only other place that I could find that would allow my children to come with me.”

Now, the family is together at Moriah House, where they are all benefitting from our various programs. “Charlie is nine, and it’s a blessing to be able to show him that troubles can be overcome through endurance and perseverance if you allow God to work through you.”

“God’s teaching me how to trust Him,” Maggie says. “He’s teaching me how to be a friend and how to let people be my friend too. That’s been hard for me because you isolate yourself when you are using drugs. I’ve isolated my children too and that has been hard.”

Maggie praises the women who run the programs at Moriah House. “The counselors just love on us and pray us through it. They guide us and teach us how to be godly women. God knew what He was doing when He brought us here!”

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