A Real Reason to Give Thanks!

David sits in his home today as a happy man, surrounded by his supportive family. This Thanksgiving will be special for him as he looks back on his turbulent life with gratitude for what the Lord has given him. God was always there for him, even when his addictions got the best of him.

He also knows he would not have a good and stable life without your support for Memphis Union Mission. He wants you to know … “Everything you do, I guarantee is a treasure in heaven. God is helping people through your donations.”

David grew up in a loving, Christian home in Memphis. He enjoyed being a responsible young man and soon became a popular football star in high school. He was offered several college scholarships to play ball and the future was looking bright. But then an accident killed one of his best friends and left him with an injury where he could no longer be the athlete he was. His pride was crushed.

He went on to graduate from a local college, becoming a social drinker and casual drug user — a lifestyle he carried with him to Austin where he gained (and lost) multiple jobs and a marriage. The losses hit him hard. His drug use steadily became an everyday occurrence with cocaine also gripping his life.

David returned to Memphis. He was still able to hold employment, but his addiction led him to lose every friendship. When he became homeless, he came to Memphis Union Mission and spent time in the recovery program getting his life back on track. He found a relationship with the Lord and a local church, and for years, felt God guiding him. Then COVID hit. After another job loss, David’s addictions came back to haunt him, and he no longer felt God’s hand in his life.

Humbled, he finally returned to the Mission and told God on his knees, “I will not leave until you fix me!” Thank you for caring about David and so many others who come here seeking freedom from a broken life. You give them time to know and love Jesus Christ.

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