Men’s Emergency Shelter

Memphis Union Mission’s Men’s Emergency Shelter is located in downtown Memphis at 383 Poplar Ave. (just east of Danny Thomas Boulevard).

Donations of clothing and food should be dropped off at this location. Click here for details on dropping off in-kind donations.


A meal is a precious gift for the men who join us each day for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner at Memphis Union Mission. For many, the food we provide may be the only nutrition they receive.

Lunch is served daily to men who desire to check into the Mission for the day. Dinner and breakfast are reserved for overnight guests. The Opportunity Center is completely free 365 days a year for those checking in between 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM. Late check-in is available until 7:00 PM. Early check-in ensures a safe environment for our guests!


Many homeless men live in fear of being robbed or physically attacked. And extreme temperatures can make sleeping on the streets more dangerous.

That’s why providing safe, clean shelter for our overnight guests is so important. Doing so gives hope to our guests, and communicates God’s love to them in a practical way.

Clothing & Hygiene

A clean set of clothing and personal hygiene can restore a homeless person’s sense of dignity and can enable them to gain employment. That’s why we keep our clothes closet full of fresh shirts, pants, shoes, socks, underwear, coats, and accessories. Our homeless guests receive hot showers with soap and shampoo.

Memphis Union Mission does not operate a thrift store, and clothing is provided at no charge.

Medical Clinic

Thanks to our partnership with Christ Community Health Services and Baptist Memorial Healthcare, Memphis Union Mission hosts a free medical clinic for the homeless every Monday. Guests have access to a nurse and doctor, and referrals are provided, if necessary.

Iron-on-Iron Recovery Program

In addition to emergency services such as meals and shelter, the Mission also provides recovery programs to address the problems that led clients to homelessness. The Iron-On-Iron Program is Memphis Union Mission’s long-term, Christ-centered recovery program for men. 

It is a one-year intensive residential program, emphasizing healing the whole person, recovering from life-controlling problems, and preparing for successful living. It consists of three distinct phases, each having a special focus and established goals, and each one conducted at various locations in the Memphis area.

Phase 1, the Awareness Phase, takes place at our Men’s Emergency Shelter. Men receive counseling and evaluation and are assigned responsibilities at the shelter.

Clients can continue the Iron-on-Iron program at our Calvary Colony location.