Extended Stay Center

Memphis Union Mission’s Extended Stay Center is located in downtown Memphis at 600 Poplar Ave., just east of Danny Thomas Boulevard. This location’s Extended Stay Program is offered to men who are employed or receiving disability.

This facility features smaller, quieter dorm rooms and a positive environment for those who have demonstrated greater initiative and responsibility. The Extended Stay Center is a safe, drug-free environment where men receive biblically-based counseling and assistance in finding housing. They are also counseled practical skills like managing a budget and other life issues.

Because of the small program service fee, men with earned or unearned income can save their money in order to get a place of their own eventually.

Through the Extended Stay center, men can build a new life through a relationship with Jesus Christ and persist as productive, fulfilled members of the community.

For more information, please contact Dr. Randy Daniels at rdaniels@memphisunionmission.org or call at 901-343-6769.