From the Jailhouse to a Home of his Own

Jeremy had a taste for drugs early, starting in high school using marijuana. That quickly led to cocaine and meth. By the age of 21, Jeremy had lost his driving license and his job and was sitting in prison for drug use and multiple DUIs.

After prison, his case worker suggested going to Memphis Union Mission where he could learn to replace destructive habits with good ways of living. Jeremy went through the recovery program but admitted, “I only did it because it looked good on my record. I didn’t work the program.” When he left, he quickly returned to his old lifestyle. But the time he had spent at the Mission made him realize there was no future for him in his addiction. His brother reminded him that God could help him. He thought it over and decided to return to the Mission … this time with determination! He dug in hard, learned how to stay in prayer and let the Lord take the lead in his life. “It was hard at first,” he confessed, “but the Lord showed me the right path!”

After graduating from the recovery program the second time, Jeremy moved to our transitional house.
He got his driving license back and started a job in building maintenance. Before long, he saved enough money to buy a home of of his own. But Jeremy is not done with Memphis Union Mission. He still visits and donates food and money to help those who struggled just like he did. He also encourages anyone with problems to come to the Mission. “You don’t have to be homeless to be there. If you have a problem of any kind, just go! The counselors are honest, Christian-based men who care.”

Thank you for caring about Memphis Union Mission and people like Jeremy. Please know that your donations change people and bring them into a relationship with the Lord.

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