A Bright New Future

Travis grew up in a dog-eat-dog life, with a family of addicts. He was introduced to drugs and alcohol at the age of 11, and spent time in and out of jail as a juvenile through his mid 20’s. Drugs had a daily hold of him, and they ran his life.

He went to rehab a few times. With his natural charm and quick wit, he was able to convince the counselors he was fit to graduate. He had gotten to know the Lord in rehab but said he did not completely turn himself over to God. Life was good for a while. He got his GED and went on to graduate from college. He was married and had a young daughter.

Then tragedy hit. He and his wife separated, leaving him in despair. He turned to what comforted him the most growing up: drugs and alcohol. Travis’s life then spiraled out of control. He knew he needed help, but instead of reaching out, he hid from family and friends.

One day, God spoke to Travis. He looked in the mirror and saw the Savior looking back at him. God asked him: “Are you done?” He knew he was done trying to run his own life. It was time to turn back to the Lord.

Travis walked straight to Memphis Union. It was full that night, so he slept outside the door. The next day, he was able to get in and checked himself into the recovery program. He followed every step. He learned that he needed to let the Lord in and allow the Spirit to work. Travis is now graduated from the program and lives his life in God’s hands! He reconnected with his daughter and has a healthy relationship with his family. He is currently working on getting an HVAC certification.

Travis says, “Thank you for your donations. The investment you made in my life gives me hope. You created the resources to help resurrect me from the dead. I only want to serve others and give back as much as I was given.”

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