A Weary Heart Rejoices

Danny's Story

“Ever since I was in the third grade, I knew I wanted to be a professional wrestler,” Danny remembers. Dedicated to his dream, Danny enjoyed great success as some of the biggest names in wrestling mentored him, helping him develop his natural talent.

But there was a dark side to the dream – the party lifestyle that came with the sport. “You get caught up in all this money,” Danny says, “and without God, you’ll never be happy.

Personal tragedies ended the dream in painful reality. Danny’s sister passed away, and his overwhelming grief spiraled into an addiction. In the same year, his father’s health began to fail too. “I had to give up a lot to take care of him,” Danny shares.

For three years, Danny cared for his father. Then one night, Danny had to admit him to the hospital for extra care… and by the next morning, his father had died. “It didn’t really hit me until later that night that he was gone.” The loss sunk Danny deeper into despair and addiction.

Hitting rock bottom, Danny cried out to God, “God, if you’re real and you can hear me, please help me.” Soon after, Danny’s girlfriend told him about the Mission, and he decided to seek help, enrolling in our Iron-on-Iron program.

“I started studying the Bible and getting into the Word. I felt a change in me,” Danny shares. “I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, and I felt myself growing in the love of God.

With a new heart and a new perspective, Danny has also begun restoring broken family relationships. “God brought my family back in my life. It’s a great thing.”

Danny isn’t sure what the future holds but says despite what happens, “I want what God has for me.”

When he sees his life today and compares it to just a year ago, Danny is thrilled by his transformation thanks to God’s love in his life – and your support. “This program works. It’s made me the man I am today.”

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