I felt a peace I’d never felt!

Brett's Story

When Brett began taking pain pills, it was just for recreational use. Then, he got hooked. And when he lost his four-year-old daughter, he started using heroin.

“Her mother said I couldn’t see her any more…I was so ashamed of myself,” Brett remembers. “One day, I pulled into a Walgreens and there she was. I ran up to her and kneeled down and said, ‘Lilly, it’s Daddy! Do you remember me?’ She looked right through me and shook her head no.

That was my lowest of lows. It broke my heart.”

Brett came to the Mission the next day. When he enrolled in our Iron-on-Iron men’s discipleship program, the pastor asked him why he was here. “I said, ‘To get my daughter back.’ They said that was the wrong reason, but it took me a long time to realize they were right.”

Brett needed Christ in his life to teach him how to be a father. And he found Him here at the Mission! "I thought I needed to get right with God,” Brett says with a smile. "But one of the guys set me straight. He said, ‘No, He’ll take you just the way you are!’ I felt a peace I’d never felt...it’s called joy! Christ has been there the whole time with His arms open...He’s going to help me up!”

Brett also sees Christ at work in the people who make Mission programs possible. “We’re here because Christians are paying for us to be here. They are paying for these seats we’re sitting in, the electricity we use, the clothes on our backs, the food in our stomachs, that’s because of Christ. There’s a saying: ‘Spread the gospel and occasionally, use words.’”

Joy is Brett’s new fuel. “It’s what gets me through the day and gives me confidence. God answers every prayer. I have confidence that He’s going to allow me to get a job when I leave here...but in His own time, when He is ready.”

One thing Brett is hoping the Lord will give him is a second chance with his daughter. “I write to her mother...I told her I’ve been saved, that everything was all my fault. But I’ve lied to her in the past, and words
are just words. Maybe one day, she’ll believe me and give me the chance to prove it!”

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