The Holy Spirit led me to the Mission!

Greg's Story

Greg’s first visit to the Mission happened about four years ago. He had barely gotten off the bus from South Carolina when he was directed to the Mission.

He joined our Iron-on-Iron long-term recovery program and was saved and baptized within a month!

Greg was about six months into the year-long program when a call came saying that his dad was really sick. He returned home, and was there when his father passed just a month later.

Greg inherited his dad’s house, but the property was encumbered with two mortgages and it was not long before he couldn’t make the payments. To add to his troubles, his truck was stolen, making it difficult for him to get to work!

Today, Greg looks back and says that even though he lost all his material possessions, he “gained everything!” Again, the Holy Spirit led him back to the Mission.

“It was the Holy Spirit that led me here to Memphis four years ago,” Greg says. “And the Holy Spirit that led me back here into the program for the discipleship and spiritual growth.”

“You see life changed here all the time,” he says. “People are drawn to the program, drawn to the Mission.”

Today, Greg’s growing spiritually, going where Jesus leads him. He listens for God’s voice and direction which come to him during “the quiet times of the day.”

And while he’s here at the Mission, he’s putting his talents to work. Greg’s background in construction helped with the renovation of our Wright Transitional House this summer.

Now he’s working full-time and getting ready to make his own transition into the community.

Thank you for making a difference through your partnership!

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