“That place changed my life!”

Carley and her siblings grew up with a loving stay-at-home mother, but she lacked discipline. Their father stayed away most days. When Carley was thirteen, her parents divorced, and life took a turn for the worse.

Carley and both of her siblings began to abuse drugs and alcohol. After getting sober and starting college, Carley met her husband who was secretly an alcoholic. A lifestyle of alcohol abuse thrust her into the hospital with pancreatitis and a close brush with death.

Immediately after her divorce, Farley’s father was diagnosed with cancer, and her mother died tragically. In her sorrow, she took to the streets and started using meth. She entered an abusive relationship with her drug dealer who kept her locked in the bedroom all day with cameras to monitor her.

Then Carley found out she was pregnant. The little boy she carried during these dark days would turn out to be her sweetest blessing. her father’s dying wish was for her to have full custody of her son and stay sober.

Carley turned to the one place she knew would make a true difference, Moriah House.

With her new job as a receptionist at a neurology clinic and a car gifted to her, Carley began looking for an apartment. But all the doors that were once opening for Carley began to shut. God was keeping her with her support system because soon her brother committed suicide in jail.

An event that would have sent Carley back to the streets reminded her to stay strong. She takes comfort in the fact that she saw her brother before he passed and was able to share her faith with him.

Now Carley is celebrating 3 years’ sobriety, is fully reunited with her son, and they’re taking their first summer vacation together!

“That place changed my life,” Carley shared gratefully. And it’s because of friends like you! “No matter what people donate, it can be so big to someone else.”

Thank you!

“The thing missing out of my life was the Lord. Moriah House is holy ground. You have to be sober and no smoking cigarettes. You have to surrender.”

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