“It’s a safe place where they can turn their lives around and come to know the Lord.”

Like many college students, Jessica loved to party. The fun stopped when she got pregnant, quit school, and moved in with the baby’s father. Five years after her daughter was born, the couple split up. “Our relationship was toxic from the beginning,” Jessica admits. They had also been taking drugs, a habit Jessica continued.

Now a single mother, Jessica reverted to partying. This time, her drug use got serious. “Before, I was doing drugs socially. Now, I was doing meth alone in my bathroom. I was addicted. My downfall began when I dated a guy who made meth,” Jessica says. “He was extremely abusive. I had to cover up my bruises and the marks on my arms from my drug use.”

But Jessica couldn’t hide her addiction forever. She was jailed for possession, lost her house, her car, and her job. Jessica also lost custody of her daughter to her mother and stepfather. With nowhere else to go, Jessica returned to the meth dealer, hiding from her probation officer in a rundown trailer. It seemed there wasn’t much farther she could fall.

Then Jessica’s cousin told her about Moriah House. As soon as she walked in the door, she felt surrounded by the love of Christ and decided to join the program. She knew she had finally made a good choice.

Over the following year, Jessica learned how to have healthy relationships and regained the trust of her family, who visited her frequently and had her home for weekends. The biggest blessing was reconnecting with her daughter, who spent school holidays and summer break with Jessica at Moriah House.

“I wish every woman could go through the program at Moriah House,” says Jessica.

“It’s a safe place where they can turn their lives around and come to know the Lord. If I could put my life on pause for another year, I would go back.”

With a full-time job and a young daughter to raise, that won’t happen anytime soon, but Jessica will always be grateful for blessings received at Moriah House.

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