Urgent Needs

Men's Needs

Coats Sweaters
Caps Gloves
Socks Underwear
Shirts Pants
Shoes & Belts Deodorant
Soap Towels
Toothbrushes Toothpaste
Disposable razors Shaving cream
Towels & washcolths Blankets
Pillows Sheets (Twin)

Women's Needs

Medical items (pain relievers, bandages, rubbing alcohol, anti-bacterial ointment) Napkins
Paper towels Toilet paper
Diapers Baby wipes
Clock radios  

Cool Weather Needs (October through March)

Coats Sweaters
Caps Gloves
Cold/flu medication (non-alcoholic)  

Men’s Spiritual / Educational Needs

Bibles (preferably NIV, large print) Notebooks
Hi-lighter pens Pens
Notebooks “The Heart of the Problem” by Henry Brandt and Kerry L. Skinner
“The Anger Workbook” by Les Carter and Frank Minirth “Boundaries” by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend

If you’re interested in doing a donation drive for any of the items listed above, or to volunteer, please contact Randy Daniels at (901) 526-8434, ext. 1008.


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