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B-roll Footage

The video below contains a variety of b-roll footage from Memphis Union Mission, and has been posted to assist broadcast journalists. Most of the footage was shot at the Mission's Emergency Shelter at 383 Poplar Ave.

A high bitrate HD master file (format is Panasonic P2 - AVC-Intra 50 -1440x1080 - 29.97fps - MXF Wrapper) more suitable for broadcast applications can be downloaded here:

Download B-Roll Footage for Broadcast

Note: This .zip file is very large (2.1GB) and contains the P2 folder structure necessary for playback or re-encoding.

Overnight Guest Policy

Panhandlers frequently use a line that sounds something like this: "Can you give me some money so I can stay at the mission?"

This, combined with some not-so-thorough reporting from some of our news media outlets, has caused a fair amount of misunderstanding. To clarify, our policy for overnight guests is as follows:

  • Overnight guests who are not enrolled in our free recovery program receive four free nights every month.
  • After guests use up their monthly free nights, they pay a $6-per-night program service fee. This includes their dinner, overnight stay, breakfast the following morning and access to other mission services. (Lunch is always free and open to anyone.)
  • Guests who are willing to help with simple chores around the Mission can stay free.
  • Overnight guests always stay free on nights when it is 32 degrees or colder.
  • Even after using up their monthly free nights, guests can still use Mission coupons, as well as vouchers from various churches and other service providers.
  • We provide work and day-labor referrals to guests who are willing and able to work.
  • In a year's time, approximately two thirds of all overnight stays at Memphis Union Mission end up being free.

This doesn't even include Memphis Union Mission's residential recovery programs, which are provided free of charge to men and women wanting to overcome substance abuse and become self-sufficient members of the community.

We operate the way we do because our goal is to encourage responsibility and address our guests' needs without enabling them.

Download a copy of the overnight guest policy

Mission Q&A

In the clips below, Scott Bjork, president & CEO of Memphis Union Mission, answers some commonly asked questions about the Mission.


Part 1: What is the ministry's main goal?


 Part 2: Why are some people reluctant to serve at the Mission?


 Part 3: What are some of the blessings of serving at the Mission?


Part 4: Is there genuine joy from serving at the Mission?


Part 5: Can the Mission make a lasting change in someone's life?


Part 6: How does the Mission help men with substance abuse problems?

Interviews & Inquiries

If you are a reporter, researcher, student, or someone who just wants to know more about Memphis Union Mission, please call (901) 526-8403.

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