You Helped William Find Purpose

“I felt hopeless,” William says of the nine years he spent homeless. A veteran, he had returned to his hometown of Memphis at 40, addicted to drugs and alcohol. He was fortunate enough never to have slept on the streets, but moving from one friend or family member’s couch to another eventually took its toll on him and his relationships.

When William heard he could get free meals at Memphis Union Mission, he came to check it out. He was surprised to learn there was so much more for him here, including the opportunity to transform his life through our Christ-centered recovery program.

“The Mission got me centered. When I got here, I was spiritually bankrupt. The Mission gave me time to read the Bible and reflect on my life. They gave me purpose and a reason to live.”

Since he joined the program in 2019, William has committed his life to Christ. “Becoming a Christian has been a big change for me,” he says. “I couldn’t live like I was living before and call myself a Christian. I know what it means now.”

Two years later, William is in the Transitional Phase of the program. He resides in our Wright Transitional House and works full-time. He is getting his finances in order, paying down his debts, and restoring relationships with his sister and his aunt. He looks forward to being able to live an independent life, rich in good friendships and free of his addiction.

Every morning when he wakes up, William gives thanks to God. “A lot of the people I knew who were in the lifestyle I led are dead now,” he admits. “God has given me a purpose. He has been a provider to me and healed my mind.”

William also gives thanks to God for you, for helping to keep Memphis Union Mission going.

“You can see your money at work here. You’re feeding and sheltering people. You’re providing programs that get people back on their feet. Memphis Union Mission was a Godsend for me. They really helped me!”

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