“It’s a beautiful place. They put the heart of Jesus into their program.”

At 26, Megan was a single mother struggling to make a living for herself and three-year-old Eli. That’s tough enough for any young woman to deal with, but Meghan was also battling addiction and depression. “I just found myself completely desperate,” she recalls. “I was up for anything to help me change.”

Meghan had been through rehab several times, but there was one thing she hadn’t tried. “I hadn’t gone the God route,” she says. While looking online for housing, Meghan found Moriah House. “By God’s grace, we got in there pretty quickly. It was a huge blessing.”

Moriah House gave Meghan the support she needed to work on her recovery and build a foundation for a new life with Eli. “We got loved on so much by our community,” she says. “There were volunteers watching our kids, feeding us, and teaching us. They made a huge impact on me.”

Staff, volunteers, and other clients also made a huge impact on Meghan’s relationship with Jesus Christ. Although she had been baptized several months before coming to Moriah House, Meghan admits her faith wasn’t strong. “This was my time to figure out who God was to me,” she says. “

Three years after leaving Moriah House, Meghan admits, “Life hasn’t been all rainbows and sunshine.” She hit bottom again but turned to the friends she had made at Moriah House for prayer and support. “Those girls helped me pick myself back up!”

Meghan and Eli moved from her parents’ house to their own apartment. She manages a tanning salon and is pursuing a degree in business management. Sober for two years, Meghan remains firm in her faith. “Life is so much easier to cope with when you know God.”

At Moriah House, you see the love Christ puts in people to help others.”

Looking back on her time at Moriah House, Meghan Says, “It’s a beautiful place. They put the heart of Jesus into their program. It is nothing but love.”

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