A Steward for God

Grateful and blessed, Gabriel is a “steward for God.”

He started working here while he was in the program, battling the drug addiction that began after his divorce.

Before coming to the Mission, he admits to staying out all night, “drinking and drugging.” During the worst of his addiction, he was fortunate to have a family who still loved him and prayed for him. Eventually, their prayers were answered.

When his brother passed away, Gabriel took stock of his own life and didn’t like what he saw. “I was sick and tired of being in that condition,” he says. “I was tired of being out on the street, not knowing where I would get my next meal.”

A neighbor told Gabriel about Memphis Union Mission. “I called on the Monday after my brother’s funeral,” he recalls. “They said they had an opening, and they entered me into the program that day.”

Raised in the country, Gabriel was a natural to take on grounds maintenance as his work assignment. “I love outdoor work,” he says. “I took care of the garden, cut the grass. It helped me get my mind together.”

Working at the Mission is the best thing that happened to Gabriel. “I’m grateful and I’m blessed,” he says. “I’m truly thankful for where I’m at today. This is where God has placed me and I’m at peace here. I love what I’m doing, and I’m grateful to be able to help others find their way out of addiction and have peace, too.”

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