U of M nursing students serve at Memphis Union Mission

Every few weeks, the lobby of Memphis Union Mission's Emergency Shelter at 383 Poplar Ave. is aswarm with people donning blue and white coats.

The coats are worn by students and faculty from the University of Memphis School of Nursing, who are enrolled in the school's community health class.

Students enrolled in the class get practical experience in community health through various community service projects, and Memphis Union Mission is one of the places that they visit on a regular basis.

Joy Ellen Hoffman is a clinical assistant proffessor at the nursing school and is part of the team that organizes the trips to Memphis Union Mission.

"When I bring them down here, they are terrified," says Hoffman. "Many have never been to a place like this and don't know what to expect."

But after the visits, students are often pleasantly surprised about their visit to the Mission and their encounter with the homeless guests there.

"They comment about how clean everything was and how nice the men were," says Hoffman. "It really takes away their fears about serving the homeless community."

It's a partnership that has lasted for several years, with students providing services like blood pressure and eye screenings and serving lunch. 

On their most recent visit on November 11, the students did a foot clinic. They cleaned guest's feet and helped treat them for basic problems like athletes foot, toenail fungus, corns, and calluses. They also provided referrals for guests with more severe foot problems.

Please join us in thanking the faculty and students from the U of M School of Nursing for their long-standing partnership and for helping Memphis Union Mission to provide comprehensive outreach to our homeless guests!

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