Re-Entry Program

A short-term, 90-day, Christ-centered program for men who truly desire to change and are transitioning back into society.

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Our Goal

Giving men an opportunity to leave dysfunctional lifestyles for healthy, functional relationships with God, themselves and others.

Program Information

Memphis Union Mission's Re-Entry Program is offered to incarcerated men who are looking to transition back into the community.

The Re-Entry Program is a 90-day, faith-based program that includes recovery support services, pastoral counseling, one-on-one sessions, daily chapel services, spiritual support groups and supportive services contact information. 

We also offer drug-free housing, Christian atmosphere, basic necessities, and temporary employment directions.

The Mission’s aim is to serve our clients, helping them overcome life issues through Biblical principles which will prepare them to transition back to a free society and maintain gainful employment. The Mission’s aim is also to serve the courts by enforcing restrictions and reporting clients' progress upon request.

For more information, please contact Rev. Andre Randolf at 901-410-2059.


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