From Lost and Alone to the Power of God’s Love

Frederick's Story

“God became real at the Mission.”

Frederick’s future looked bright. He was growing up in a disciplined, Christian home with devoted, loving parents. He had a fine mind, a good work ethic and dreams for his future. But, when he was a teenager, curiosity led him to experiment with drugs, a decision that sent him down a very different path. 

“It took my drive and zapped my thirst for knowledge,” he says. “All I wanted to do was lie around and get high. I’d had aspirations to go to college, but that fizzled out.” 

In the 45 years that followed, Frederick’s drug use escalated, landing him in trouble with the law and leaving him homeless. “I’d sleep in abandoned houses, not knowing where my next meal was coming from,” he says. 

Then, at his lowest point, a miracle happened. His 28-year-old daughter, whom he hadn’t seen since she was two, came to find him. “Her stepfather had molested her when she was younger, and her mother finally told her that I was her real father,” he says. “She was so happy her daddy wasn’t the kind who would do that to her. That’s how God brought her back into my life, and it was the catalyst that caused me to say enough is enough.” 

It was then that Frederick came to our Men’s Iron-on-Iron Recovery Program, and through Bible studies, chapel and spiritual mentoring, he encountered Christ. “I grew up going to church, but it never became personal until I got to the Mission,” he says. “God became real.” 

Frederick’s newfound faith has brought purpose back into his life. “I see myself in ministry, pouring out so that somebody else can be healed,” he says. 

“I no longer feel inconsequential.”

He’s looking forward to graduating, getting his own place, spending time with his daughter, and continuing his walk with the Lord. 

And he’s grateful to friends like you for your continuing support of the Mission: “So many priceless lives have been saved in this place.”


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