The Opportunity Center

The Capital Campaign for the Memphis Union Mission's Opportunity Center

Improved Services

The Mission is now embarking on a capital campaign to build a new facility that wil be called the Opportunity Center.

The Center will address the current facility’s shortcomings and will better minister to the needs of our community’s homeless, including:

Improved Neighborhood

Memphis Union Mission desires to be a good neighbor to the people who live and work in the Poplar corridor. That’s why the Mission has purchased and improved properties near its current shelter, thereby promoting a safer and cleaner neighborhood.

The Center will be located within the Medical District overlay and will reflect the overlay’s design requirements.

It will also discourage loitering by featuring an outdoor courtyard in the middle of the Center. This will allow guests to enjoy bing outdoors during nice weather, while encouraging them to stay within the campus.

Community Engagement

Volunteers are vital to Memphis Union Mission. Due to the hundreds of volunteers who serve the homeless at the Mission each month, a volunteer reception area will be added as a part of the dining and food services.

The new center’s larger size and design features will also allow volunteers to help in a variety of ways, including sorting clothing donations, cooling and serving food for guests, teaching life skills, and providing other supportive services and expertise. Currently, it is difficult for volunteers to provide these services to guests due to the existing facility’s limitations.

Volunteers not only make a difference in the lives of those served at the Mission; volunteer opportunities make a difference to the volunteers themselves and promote community engagement.

Our New Facility