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Debbie's Story

Debbie grew up in Huntsville and went to college here in Memphis. She developed a very successful career in sales and marketing, but it involved traveling about 75% of the time, especially on weekends. And there was entertaining involved, which led Debbie to become dependent on alcohol.

"Alcohol became my best friend...at some point the switch was turned on, and I was drinking all day and all night."

When Debbie lost her job during the recession, she had to sell her house. Whatever money she had left went to support her drinking.

"I didn't go anywhere. The only people I saw were the guys at the liquor store. I got the shakes so bad I was afraid to drive. I couldn't even slice a tomato."

Knowing she had to change, Debbie decided to detox on her own. "I became so sick that I prayed God would just take me. I did that for 36 hours. Then my sister called and said, ‘We're coming to get you.' They took me to the ER, and a social worker there told me about Moriah House."

"At first you think you're the only one who feels this way. But some women started coming to visit and giving their testimonies. And I thought, ‘So that's how the Lord changed their lives.' The prayers started becoming real to me. The Bible study and everything started becoming real. I started looking forward to going to the classes."

"I saw other people here who had such joy, and I wanted to grow in God and have that same joy. I turned every part of my life over to God. I said, ‘God, I've been driving this bus for 50 years, and I'm ready for You to take over.'"

"You do have a second chance if you put things in God's hands. And no matter what you're going through, there something in the Bible for you!"

Today, as Debbie grows in her new faith, she's working to rebuild ties with family. And she's grateful for the change that's taken place through her time at Moriah House. "I didn't know that there was anything like this. They just all want to hug and love on us and make us feel special. You just don't know how to take that kind of love."

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