"I will walk out of here a proud man!"

Ray's Story

“Chaotic.” That’s the only way to describe Ray’s life before he came to Memphis Union Mission.

Even though he held down a job with FedEx for 15 years, his drug and alcohol use were robbing him of his life.

Ray’s addiction began when he was with Special Forces during the Vietnam War. It continued when he returned to the States. He married, divorced and went through several low-paying jobs, often living in “flop houses.”

Ray knew he needed to change, but thought he could do it on his own. God was “out of the picture.” “It took me about 40 years before I started praying and He started answering.”

“I prayed to the Lord to get out of the situation I was in,” Ray says. “I got on a bus, asked the driver where the Mission was and he took me straight to it. I walked through the doors and haven’t touched drugs or alcohol since.”

Today, Ray credits God with “one miracle after another.”

Since moving into our Opportunity Center, Ray has been on the right track. He’s continued to work, but returns each evening to a positive, supportive environment. He’s a regular at Bible study and has become an active member of a local church.

“I had put God on the back burner,” Ray says. “I was trying to go my own way. Since I’ve been here, God’s a priority, and it’s a totally different story!”

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