"I wanted to bargain with God, because I wanted to avoid jail."

Linda's Story

The first time Linda came to Moriah House, it was because she was trying to stay out of jail! 

Her story goes back to when she was just 15, growing up in a home with loving parents and raised in church. “I had a lot of medical problems,” she recalls. “So they put me on strong pain medication. I remember begging my Mom not to make me take it because it made me feel sick.” 

Over time, Linda became addicted. And when she was finally arrested in 1998 for writing fraudulent prescriptions, Linda entered our program at Moriah House. But her intent was to avoid jail, not to rid herself of a life-destroying addiction. 

Linda did well for a couple of years, but over time she began neglecting what she had been taught there. 

“I did well for a couple of years,” she says. Then came a divorce and triple bypass surgery. “It was God that got me through that, but I still defied Him!” 

Finally, an ultimatum from her daughter: “Get help or move out.” 

Linda came back to Moriah House! 

Since then, God has begun to heal Linda, physically, mentally and spiritually. “I’m not on oxygen anymore. I don’t have congestive heart failure. I can do anything I want to do.” 

“Today, my daughter and I are closer than I ever thought possible. And now, I have a personal relationship with Jesus!” 

Linda will leave Moriah House once more, but this time, she’ll be walking with God. Thank you for helping making a difference in her life!

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