A God-Sized Challenge

Jamie's Story

Jamie opened the letter from his daughter and pulled out $30, wrapped in a note. It read:

It’s too late for you to try to be my dad, but I want you to know that God’s arm is not too short to reach you. You can still be the man He wants you to be. He doesn’t have you here for nothing. The $30 is traveling money to get to rehab.

Tears filled Jamie’s eyes as he read the words. “I’d never done anything for her a day in her life, except pay child support. My life was about my addiction,” he says. “Maybe if I’d had what a child needs growing up, my life would have been different.”

Jamie grew up with an alcoholic stepfather who abused him and his mother. “She died when I was seven. Then I dealt with his mental and physical abuse alone,” he says.

He started smoking pot when he was nine and, by the time he was 17, Jamie was addicted to heroin – the beginning of a nearly 30-year addiction that destroyed his relationships, landed him in prison and finally left him homeless.

Then his daughter’s letter arrived, and Jamie took the $30 and made his way to Memphis Union Mission, where he enrolled in our Iron-on-Iron men’s recovery program and gave his life to Christ. “I began to see His hand in everything. Now, I look back on my life and see He’s been faithful even at times when I thought He wasn’t there,” Jamie says. “He’s given me joy and peace that surpass all understanding.”

Jamie has graduated from the program and is staying at our Wright Transitional House. He’s working now and saving money to get a place of his own. He wants to show his daughter what God’s done in her father’s life.

Because of your generous support, men like Jamie are facing their challenges and being transformed by God’s love here at the Mission. “My life is not my own now. I’m completely sold out for Him.”

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