God has given me my life back!

Trisha's Story

Kids made fun of Trisha as she was growing up in Binghampton. They jeered at her because her mother was an alcoholic who couldn’t hold a job.

Trisha felt like an outcast in her own neighborhood. And money pressures were constant. So when she was 18, and an acquaintance suggested prostitution as an easy way to make money, Trisha was willing. And when she began using drugs, she felt accepted among her peers for the first time in her life.

"We were all outcasts,” she says today, “and I fit in with them.”

Soon she was hooked. Crack wouldn’t let her go. "I went to six different rehab programs, but they never worked for me because I never went for the right reasons,” she says. “I would go because I had to.”

But then came the Christians. Two started showing up in Binghampton, sharing God’s love with people, helping those in need. They met Trisha one day, literally on the street. There was an instant connection.

“We started a Bible study on Monday,” she remembers, “at my apartment.”

As she learned to love the Word, she grew more and more miserable in her addiction. She craved freedom.

"I smoked crack six days a week for four years,” Trisha says. “It was so horrible.”

She began searching for a program that could help her recover. A neighborhood pastor suggested she consider Moriah House, here at Memphis Union Mission.

"I knew I was going to die if I kept living the way I had been.”

At Moriah House, Trisha was instantly amazed. “I just knew I was delivered when I came in here!” she remembers. “I was like, ‘Wow, thank you, Jesus!’”

Jesus, in fact, is the One she credits with her transformation: "He’s given me my life back.... It’s awesome being here.”

Trisha has long since graduated from the Moriah House. Her family relationships have been restored, and she regularly shares with others the hope she's found in her relationship with Christ.

"This program is all about Jesus. It has really changed my life,” she says. “God has given me my life back through this place. I don’t know of any other place like it.”

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