Extreme makeover: Moriah House edition

Last summer, the women and children of Moriah House enjoyed their own version of Extreme Makeover, courtesy of some caring volunteers from Grace Evangelical Church in Germantown.

At Moriah House, each woman has her own room (either by herself or with her children). But over the years some of the residents’ rooms experienced some wear and tear and were in need of an overhaul.

Enter Diane Daniel, Grace Evan member and faithful volunteer at Moriah House. One day, as she and Moriah House director Beverly Thomas discussed the condition of the rooms, Beverly asked if the rooms might be a project that Diane’s MIT volunteers would consider tackling.

Diane was in a good position to help as a leader of a Ministry Initiative Team (MIT) at Grace Evan. The MIT program is one in which the church encourages its members to form teams to reach out and minister in the community, and each team is given a budget to use for various projects.

Diane’s team, known as H2O, focuses their energy on ministering to the women at Moriah House and the men at Calvary Colony. For the Moriah House room makeover, the team asked the church for a special budget for new new bedding, drapes, bathroom accessories, and room decor.

“We did not have a budget for furniture, but we did tell the teams they could seek donations of any furniture needed,” said Diane. “It was awesome to see chairs, desks, couches and so forth donated.”

The 16 teams of volunteers (with six to 10 volunteers per team) introduced the program to the residents at Moriah House in a fun way.

“We had a kickoff event in May,” said Diane. “We had a pizza night, and the women met with the residents to learn what things they liked, whether it was butterflies, flowers, or whatever.”

The next step was for the volunteers to go into the rooms to deep clean them and remove any clutter. Then the teams took the money allocated for the project, along with the residents’ wish lists, and went shopping.

Finally, the day came in July for the makeover.

“The residents chose to sit in the lobby and not see the rooms getting decorated, and then come in after it was done,” said Diane. “It was a lot of fun.”

The MIT volunteers had beautifully redecorated all of the residential rooms in a way that was tailored to each resident. The volunteers also redecorated the children’s play room.

Not surprisingly, the response from residents was very positive.

“Each lady loved her room,” said Diane. “And since then, the women have come up to us after Bible studies and said, ‘I love all of the rooms, but mine is my favorite’ because it was done just for them.”

“It was a fun missions project.”

Please join us in thanking the volunteers from the H2O Ministry Initiative Team and Grace Evan for doing something so special for the women and children at Moriah House!

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