Eagle scout project gives patio a much-needed face lift

Since opening in 2002, Memphis Union Mission's Wright Transitional House has helped many formerly homeless men transitional back into the community.

The men reside at the facility after graduating from the Mission's long-term recovery program. And at various times, the men there have used an outdoor patio area on the east side of the building to grill out, play horseshoes, and fellowship.

But over the years, the patio area and the accompanying furnishings (including a picnic table and a bench) slowly fell into a state of disrepair.

That's where Jack Heathcott and Boy Scout Troop 55 come into the story.

Jack, with help from his fellow Scouts from Second Presbyterian Church, found out about the patio and decided to renovate it for his Eagle Scout project. After visiting the patio and assessing what needed to be done, he drew up a plan.

Then in mid-July Jack and the other Scouts from Troop 55 spent an entire Saturday clearing brush and old railroad ties out of the patio area. They also discarded the disrepaired picnic table and bench. Then, with lumber they purchased from Lowe's, they built a brand new picnic table and bench. And finally, they placed a green screen over the chain-link fence to give the men more privacy. 

The final result is a renovated patio are that is functional and private -- not to mention the fact that it looks a lot nicer!

Thank you, Jack and Troop 55, for your time and hard work spent improving the quality of life for the men in our program! God bless you!

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