"From dark to daylight!"

Phillip's Story

It started with a toothache. The doctor prescribed pain medication, “and one pill led to two… and two led to 30,” Phillip says. It wasn’t long before Phillip was relying on them to simply function. That came with a financial obligation and he sometimes resorted to stealing from family and friends. Then he began allowing drugs to be manufactured in his home… and he was arrested.

Facing a 10-year prison sentence, Phillip was offered an alternative: join the Mission’s Iron-on-Iron recovery program. He was pleased to learn of our Christ-centered foundation.

Phillip had grown up in church but had strayed away from God as he battled his 15-year addiction. He was eager to rekindle his relationship with the Lord. “I knew in my heart that’s where I wanted to keep my focus,” he says.

His assignment in the kitchen, where he prepared daily meals for the homeless and hungry people who come through our doors, gave him an opportunity to share God’s love with others. “It made my heart feel good to know I was doing something good for them,” he says.

During his time in our long-term recovery program, Phillip earned his GED. When he graduated from the program, he continued his education at a local trade school and graduated this summer. He’s since moved into a place of his own, but he continues to read the Bible and seek the support of Christian fellowship.

“From dark to daylight!” is the phrase Phillip uses to describe the change in his life since coming to the Mission. “I’m able to sit back, relax and enjoy a normal life, free of addiction.” Today, with a heart of thanksgiving, he shares these words with friends like you who have made his transformation possible: “I’m so grateful to the Mission for taking me in at my worst moment. There is light at the end of the tunnel and you just have to take that first step.”

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