A Chance for New Life

Audra's Story

Even though she attended a Christian high school, Audra started drinking when she was 16. “When I drank, I was more fun and more spontaneous and I seemed more likable to myself.”

She continued to drink for 15 years… through nursing school and eventually, her job as a nurse. “I was able to manage my drinking for awhile,” she says. “But it reached a point where it became unmanageable.”

Audra was 35 before she realized that she was addicted to alcohol. “If I tried to quit on my own, I had shakes, tremors, hallucinations – all the symptoms of withdrawal. So I entered a detox program and stayed sober for a few weeks.”

Her second detox lasted longer – four and a half years. Audra married. She and her husband bought a house. Then they divorced, and the drinking started again.

It was a counselor at church who suggested Memphis Union Mission’s Moriah House.

Once she came to the Mission, Audra realized what her main problem had been: “I didn’t have a relationship with God!”

In our recovery program, Audra was finally able to let God take control. “I lifted my hands and let go. I said, ‘God, I give it all to you.’”

In the program, Audra’s eyes and heart began to open. “We learn how to set boundaries for ourselves – something I was lacking and still struggle with. We study women in the Bible, and see how God used women who were flawed, and He made them outstanding examples to others.”

One part of the program that had a major impact on Audra’s transformation was the volunteer involvement! “They come here and spend time with us and teach lessons. It’s great being around Christian women and knowing that I can laugh, cry and be with others who are sober!”

Audra has since graduated from Moriah House. She has a job she enjoys and helps out part time at Moriah House.

“Today, I have real joy, and the peace and security that comes from knowing that God loves me, no matter what.”

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