A Beautiful New Beginning

Clarence's Story

“The Mission has turned my life around. The Lord has truly blessed me.”

Clarence knelt in the field, tears streaming down his face, filled with fear that he’d have another seizure, grieved that his life had come to this.

He’d been just a boy when his parents left him with his alcoholic grandparents and disappeared from his life. He soon began drinking himself – a habit that continued until he grew up and moved in with his other grandmother. “I would go to church to make her happy, but eventually, I got saved,” Clarence says.

His newfound faith and church community helped him stay sober for many years, but later, he relapsed, and over time, his drinking escalated. “It got to where I had to have a drink in the morning just to function,” he says.

Then the alcoholic seizures began, filling him with fear and leading him to that field where he fell to his knees. “I cried out to the Lord and asked Him for help,” he says.

The Lord answered his prayer through Clarence’s family, who brought him to the Mission. Here, he has found healing and hope through our Iron-on-Iron men’s recovery program. “I started studying my Bible and praying, and I asked the Lord to take away my addiction, and He did,” Clarence says. “And as I started eating right, my body went back to normal, and I quit having seizures.”

“I put my life in god’s hands, and He took care of it.”

Clarence has now graduated from the program, earned his forklift driver’s license and has a stable job. He also serves as a resident advisor at our Wright Transitional House, and he’s a perfect fit for the role. “The Lord has blessed me with the ability to get along with others, do what is right and love them regardless of circumstances.”

This Easter, Clarence will be celebrating the beautiful new beginning in his life – made possible by your generous support. “The Mission has turned my life around. The Lord has truly blessed me.”

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