Learning to Follow the Will of God

Adam's Story

Adam was a bright, popular teenager – a motocross racer and homecoming king. But, inside, he was struggling for meaning. “I’ve always been missing something,” he says.

He was diagnosed with depression and put on Prozac when he was just 15. Then he was injured in a motocross accident, and the doctors gave him pain medication. “That fixed everything in my head, so I started faking accidents just to get opiates,” he says.

For the next 15 years, Adam struggled with his addiction, using other drugs when he couldn’t get prescriptions and stealing to support his habit. Then his fiancée gave birth to their daughter and he had a moment of clarity. “I wanted to quit. I hated it,” he says.

Adam, who was an atheist, tried a secular rehab but relapsed. His fiancée wouldn’t allow him to see their daughter, and encouraged him to try another program. It was then he came to Memphis Union Mission’s Iron-on-Iron Recovery Program. “One day, a minister came in to preach and something happened to me. I started to listen instead of just hear, and I went up and got saved,” he says. “That was the day things changed for me.”

Since then, Adam has been growing strong in his faith. “I pray a lot, and I’m learning to follow the will of God, to let Him lead,” he says.

His fiancée now visits him regularly with their daughter. “She’s so proud of me. She wants me to finish this program and come home. That’s my plan.”

Adam, who serves the homeless at our Men’s Emergency Shelter, also hopes to go into full-time ministry. “I’m thinking about seminary school. My calling is to serve the needy,” he says.

Because of your support, Adam, and others like him, find help and hope when they walk through the doors of Memphis Union Mission – at Easter and always. “Now nothing is missing. I have a peace that I’ve never known before.”

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