A Chance for New Life

Audra's Story

<p>Even though she attended a Christian high school, Audra started drinking when she was 16. “When I drank, I was more fun and more spontaneous and I seemed more likable to myself.”</p>

<p>She continued to drink for 15 years… through nursing school and eventually, her job as a nurse. “I was able to manage my drinking for awhile,” she says. <strong>“But it reached a point where it became unmanageable.” </strong></p>

<p>Audra was 35 before she realized that she was addicted to alcohol. “If I tried to quit on my own, I had shakes, tremors, hallucinations – all the symptoms of withdrawal. So I entered a detox program and <strong>stayed sober for a few weeks</strong>.”</p>

<p>Her second detox lasted longer – four and a half years. Audra married. She and her husband bought a house. Then they divorced, and the drinking started again.</p>

<p>It was a counselor at church who suggested Memphis Union Mission’s Moriah House.</p>

<p>Once she came to the Mission, Audra realized what her main problem had been: “I didn’t have a relationship with God!”</p>

<p>In our recovery program, <strong>Audra was finally able to let God take control</strong>. “I lifted my hands and let go. I said, ‘God, I give it all to you.’”</p>

<p>In the program, Audra’s eyes and heart began to open. “We learn how to set boundaries for ourselves – something I was lacking and still struggle with. We study women in the Bible, and see how God used women who were flawed, and He made them outstanding examples to others.”</p>

<p><strong>One part of the program that had a major impact on Audra’s transformation was the volunteer involvement! </strong>“They come here and spend time with us and teach lessons. It’s great being around Christian women and knowing that I can laugh, cry and be with others who are sober!”</p>

<p>Audra has since graduated from Moriah House. She has a job she enjoys and helps out part time at Moriah House.</p>

<p>“Today, I have real joy, and the peace and security that comes from knowing that <strong>God loves me, no matter what.”</strong></p>

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