“God always has a plan!”

Chris's Story

Chris’s life seemed to go in cycles: Build things up, start using drugs, and lose everything of value.

He grew up here in Memphis, then moved with his family to Cordova. His parents were divorced, and when Chris started getting “wild,” his mom sent him back to Memphis to live with his dad. 

He came to the Mission for the first time seven years ago. “I was homeless and my stepfather brought me here for a couple of nights.” But Chris wasn’t yet ready to make a change. 

Fast forward six years: Chris was using drugs again. He lost his car, his family and his home. “Everything I valued was just snatched from me,” he says.

“Spiritually empty.”

“I was at rock bottom,” Chris says. “I had been there before, but never so completely.”

Chris believes it was God who sent him to the Mission and our Iron-on-Iron program at Calvary Colony. “The Mission really showed me how much of a self-centered and selfish person I was. They do that by putting you in a position of service. You’re mopping floors, picking up sleeping mats, serving guys who are homeless...that was a great lesson for me.”

Chris also began reading and studying the Bible for the first time in his life.

“The Mission presents the Gospel in practical ways and helps us understand huge mysteries. It’s just awesome.” Eventually, Chris was baptised here at the Mission!

Once he graduated, Chris moved into our Wright Transitional House and found a good job with a great boss. “Everybody I work with is Christian,” he says with a smile.

He’s attending church regularly with his parents, spending time with his young daughter who is in their custody, and enjoying a new life with a new perspective. “I look back on my life and I can see that God’s been steering me my whole life.”

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